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TLP624 Transistor Output Optocoupler

Buy TLP624 Transistor Output Optocouplers 55Vceo 5000Vrms 4 channels and all variety of opto couplers and transistors at lowest price online at nevonexpress


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The TOSHIBA TLP624, -2 and -4 consist of a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode optically coupled to a photo-transistor. The TLP624-2 offers two isolated channels in an eight lead plastic DIP, while the TLP624-4 provides four isolated channels in a sixteen plastic DIP


Output Type
NPN Phototransistor
Number of Channels
4 Channel
If - Forward Current
50 mA
Maximum Collector Emitter Voltage
55 V
Maximum Collector Current
50 mA
Isolation Voltage
5000 Vrms
Maximum Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage
0.2 V
Vf - Forward Voltage
1.3 V
Vr - Reverse Voltage
5 V
Pd - Power Dissipation
150 mW
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 55 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 100 C

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