USB-DAQ-DIL data logger/process controller
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USB-DAQ-DIL data logger/process controller

Buy USB-DAQ-DIL a DIP-28 USB Interface IC with USB 2.0 which works at 12Mbps data rate and other Interfacing ICs at lowest price only at Nevonexpress

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Product Overview

In normal operation it functions autonomously, collecting information and providing control as needed. An onboard real-time clock is supplied. USB-DAQ is usually obtainable in 20-pin and 28-pin bundles. Both devices can utilize a 25AA1024 EEPROM processor to get medium data storage (128KByte). The 28-pin apparatus can also utilize internal flash memory for data storage to 8KByte or SD card chips and memory around 1GByte. A 40/44-pin apparatus, using the very same capacities as the 28-pin apparatus but with additional I/O, may also be made accessible.


“Flash drive” style PC interface
Wide range of peripheral I/O – see table 1
Data acquisition / process control engine
Flexible instruction set
32768Hz real time clock with leap year correction and daylight savings time
USB 2.0 MSD plug and play - No drivers required
One and two chip solutions: - Microcontroller with internal 8KB flash memory - Microcontroller and 128KB SPI memory - Microcontroller and SD memory up to 1GB
DIL, SOIC and SSOP packages

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