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USB-FILESYS-DIL Driver-free USB embedded file system

Buy USB-FILESYS-DIL interface IC which provides a Driver-free USB embedded FAT12 / FAT16 file system and other Interfacing ICs at lowest price only at Nevonexpress.

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Product Overview

Its memory region is obtained by a host controller with SPI commands, also, once plugged into a USB port, simultaneously looks on a PC just like a file system onto a removable disk drive. For non-duty diagnostic and configuration software, USB-FileSys can utilize its on-chip pre-formatted 8kByte flash memory place. For medium file storage and move, USB-FileSys could be interfaced to Microchip 25AA1024 EEPROM to get 128kByte storage. For large file storage and transport programs, USBFileSys Circuits with SD™ card ports, of around 1GBbyte.


FAT12 / FAT16 file system, no licensing needed
True MSD plug and play, no drivers required
Works with internal flash memory, 25AA1024 external memory (128Kbyte) and SD compatible cards and integrated circuits up to 1GB
Partial support for long file names
USB 2.0 compatible

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