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USB-SPI Driver-free USB to synchronous interface

Buy USB-SPI Driver-free USB to synchronous serial SPI slave interface along with other Interface ICs at lowest price only at Nevonexpress.

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Product Overview

USB-SPI is one chip USB to synchronous serial SPI slave interface. It considerably simplifies the relationship of private computer to your microcontroller effective at communication in SPI master mode. Besides the conventional 4 SPI controller lines, 11 added digital I/O lines have custom-defined functionality. USB-SPI Employs the Human Interface Device (HID) USB profile. It doesn't demand USB driver setup, therefore is compatible with current and prospective Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.


Suitable for connection to SPI master devices
Single chip solution
True HID plug and play - No drivers required
USB 2.0 compatible
Achievable data transfer rates up to 600K baud
Max SPI clock rate 1MHz
32-bit serial number
128-byte FIFO receive buffer
128-byte FIFO transmit buffer
Operating voltage 1.8V – 5V
11 auxiliary I/O pins, configurable as digital I/O, 10-bit A-to-D, USB status
VID, PID, product descriptor and I/O configuration may be specified at program time or at runtime
PIC18F14K50-based DIL, SSOP packages
PIC18LF2455-based DIL, SIOC packages

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