Virtual Wall Perimeter Detection System

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Virtual Wall Perimeter Detection System

Secure and affordable perimeter detection and alarm system using smart perimeter sensors and virtual wall poles by nevonsolutions

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  • Easy Installation
  • Low Cost Security
  • Remote Alerting
  • No False Alarms

Product Overview

Nevonsolutions delivers cutting edge perimeter detection system using virtual wall poles. A virtual wall is a perimeter wall security without the having a physical wall. It is a highly secure outdoor perimeter security system.
We develop and deliver perimeter detection security systems using low cost virtual wall poles that create a perimeter wall using perimeter sensors. The virtual wall poles connect to each other using lased beams to wirelessly connect with each other. This creates an efficient intrusion detection system capable of detecting all humans crossing the wall. Also the virtual wall has low chances of false alarms as it does not detect rodents, small birds, dust/stones thus making it an efficient perimeter detection system. The perimeter poles each consist of an antenna which is used to activate the perimeter alarm system remotely. The perimeter alarm system may is used to sound an alarm whenever an intrusion is detected. This allows to alert the security personnel instantly for required action. Our perimeter detection systems allow for a low cost yet highly secure remote alerting system using perimeter sensors.

How it works ?

Laser Guided Poles are Used To Create a Virtual Perimeter Wall
The Poles Transmit Perimeter Breach Alerts Wirelessly
The Transmissions are Received by Perimeter Alarm System
Perimeter Alarm System Alerts Authorities/User So That Action Can Be Taken

Customizable System Development:

We provide customized development and installation of virtual wall perimeter security solutions as per requirements.

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