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  • Campus Placement Software System
  • Campus Placement Software System

Campus Placement Software System

Campus Placement system is a web based software which helps to avoid tedious paper work of the placement committee and helps the faculty members and students to get notified of the companies coming to the campus.



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  • Multiple Login
  • Job Posting
  • Email Notification to faculty for meeting
  • Eligibility Criteria for campus recruitment
  • Email and SMS Notification to students
  • Serves the College Administration, Faculty and Students.
  • 24*7 access
  • Easy to access
  • Reduced burden of placement committee
  • Large choice of job opportunities
  • Overcome barrier to the recruitment departments
  • Improving hiring speed and efficiency

Product Overview

A web based software for colleges to improve their placement performance by automating the placement activities. Campus Placement system is customized for a college, which helps to communicate with administration, faculty and students. This system allows the admin to add the faculty and students, giving them their user id and password provided by them in their details. This system keeps a track of the company coming to the campus, number of students who can apply in the company, number of students who got selected in the company and the whole list is then forwarded to the respective department faculty members. The details of the company is uploaded by the admin, the faculty and the students can view the changes uploaded. The faculty member and students gets email and SMS notification of the job profile uploaded for their department.

Uses Of Campus Placement Software:


● Attracts many companies
● Increase in recruitment %
● Quicker placements
● Reduced burden on placement committee
● Faculty and students satisfaction


● List of eligible candidate for the placement
● Preparation hints for the students appearing in the process
● Guide students to develop key skills mentioned in the job profile.
● Enhance career planning knowledge.
● Uploading list of the student who can be eligible for the process.


● Quick Placement
● Well prepared for the campus interview
● Large job opportunities
● Improving the key skills mention by the company
● Guidance by the faculty members.

This software hence improves the whole placement scenario of the college making it easier for the students not to miss any information of the company coming to the campus and the faculty can give the required orientation in their department.

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