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LoRa Technology IOT Development Services

LoRa Technology IOT Development Services


  • Improved Range:Lora devices may communicate over 10-15 km (8-10 miles) in urban environments and at larger distances in rural areas, due to less obstructions.
  • Power Efficient:Lora systems are designed to run on very low power so as to enable devices to achieve years of operation on a single battery life and unlimited life when used with solar panels.
  • Low Cost: Lora technology is designed in extremely cost effective ways, this allows for low cost IOT development.
  • Open Standard Communication:Lora netwaor is built to ensure application & device interoperability among IOT solution providers and telecom operators to boost iot developments.

Product Overview

LoRaWAN™ stands for Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), a wireless communication system designed for long range wireless communication among battery operated devices. This system is designed to fill the gaps in IOT based systems by addressing interoperability, low power consumption and mobility issues among IOT devices. Lora networks use a star to stars network topology which consists of many end nodes(devices) having bilateral communication through Lora gateways. A gateway acts as a transparent bridge that handles communication between lora nodes and external/public networks.

NevonSolutions provides a variety of LoRa powered devices to automate various applications. Our LoRa solutions include a wide variety of systems including:

IOT Streetlight Automation

IOT Irrigation Automation

IOT Pollution Monitoring

IOT Waste Management

IOT Industrial Automation

Security Systems

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