mc6850 Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
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mc6850 Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter

Buy mc6850 ACIA (Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter) with onboard baud-rate generator and other Interface ICs at lowest price only at Nevonexpress.

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Product Overview

The 6551 Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (ACIA) Has Been an integrated circuit Produced by MOS Technology. It functioned as a company UART processor for its broadly popular 6502 microprocessor. Intended to execute RS-232, its specifications known for a maximum rate of 19,200 pieces per second using its onboard baud-rate generator, or 125kbps employing an external 16x clock.


8- and 9-Bit Transmission
Optional Even and Odd Parity
Parity, Overrun and Framing Error Checking
Programmable Control Register
Optional -+-1, -+- 16, and -+- 64 Clock Modes
Up to 1.0 Mbps Transmission
False Start Bit Deletion
Peripheral/Modem Control Functions
Double Buffered
One- or Two-Stop Bit Operation

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