A Smart Paperless Parking Management System

N-Park is a smart paperless parking application, it is a remarkable parking management app that does not need any huge hardware installation to maintain vehicle parking.

N-Park has many features and benefits that will support your parking strategy and goals.

  • Manage different types of parking for Employee, Guest and Prepaid Customers.
  • Manages and defines parking spaces
  • Tracks vacant parking slots and allocations

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N-Park Working :

This smart parking android application will be used normally by parking manager or employee. For example, in an organization, when a vehicle enters for parking, the number plate of the vehicle will be scanned by one parking manager or employee standing on the entry gate. After scanning the number plate, the parking manager/employee can see how much payment we need to take for parking as per the vehicle type. The app will provide auto-suggestion of which is the next vacant parking is available to park this vehicle and he can print pass. This makes it very easy for the customer to park the vehicle in the decided parking slot.

Features :

  • Automated Parking Slot Management:

Scanning the vehicle number plate using this app will auto suggest you the next vacant parking slot.

  • Auto Number Plate Recognition:

Paperless parking vehicle numbers records can be maintained just by scanning the vehicle number using this app. No manual efforts needed to maintain records.

  • Employees Passes Available:

Smart Cards will be provided to the employees, the cards will be scanned by the parking manager for fast entry in premises.

  • Smart Prepaid Card for Subscribers:

Regular Customers can buy or recharge smart cards, they need to just scan their cards and get entry in parking premises.

  • Analysis and Reporting:

Admin can manage Parking Occupancy Reports, Vehicle IN and OUT Report, Payments Report and much more in Admin Panel.

The following types of Customers may use N-Park:

  • Employee of an Organization/Company:

Employees are provided with RFID based prepaid cards. Whenever the employee wants to park their vehicles need to show this RFID card to the parking manager to scan his/her card for getting a parking pass.

  • Guest Visitors:

The parking manager or employee will just scan the vehicle number of guests and visitors has to pay cash amount to avail for this parking pass.

  • Prepaid Customers:

The Prepaid customers must get prepaid RFID card from the Admin for regular parking, he/she can recharge their cards by paying money to the admin. They don’t need to pay cash to avail parking pass. They just need to provide the card to the parking manager for scanning and auto balance will be debited from their card balance.