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solderless and re-usable mini breadboard with 170 points

Buy 170 points solderless and re-usable breadboards made from ABS plastic housing for projects and prototypes only on NevonExpress


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Product Overview

A mini breadboard which has enough room to build and test simple circuits with its 170 points. This will fit and work greatly with your projects and prototypes. They are also great for breaking out DIP package ICs to jumper wires. These mini breadboards can be snap together to provide more room and space if extra wiring or circuit is needed. To snap a mini breadboard to a another it has a peel and stick adhesive backing as well as two mounting holes for M2 screws so you can anchor it down. This features make the breadboard solderless and re-usable. These breadboards are made from sturdy ABS plastic housing. Its standard nickel plated spring clips ensure longevity and firm grip.


45 x 35 x 8.5 mm.
85 gm.
Mounting Holes
Accepts 20-29 AWG wire sizes.
Adhesive-backed for permanent mounting

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solderless and re-usable mini bread ....

solderless and re-usable mini bread ....

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